About Monk

Artist Monk's mission is to emphasize aesthetic calmth, quiet attention and a deep sense of balance, to oppose a turmoiled world where we find ourselves so often surrounded by roughness, loudness, rudeness and people seeking ecstatic stimula. He visualizes that there’s beauty in stillness, in being satisfied, gentle and modest; in merging serenely with the surroundings instead of needing to stand out loudly. 

His work can be recognized by the use of several techniques to blend photographs with organic textures. This usually results in an eroded look and feel, inviting the viewer to embrace the aesthetics of imperfection and transience of everyday busy life. 


The artist markets his work at different levels. There are ‘origins’ shown in high-end stores or galleries that have a limited edition. The origins are made in the Netherlands, can be ordered in different sizes, and meet the highest quality museum standards. 


Next to the Origins, Monk also created collections for other art- and interior brands such as PTMD. These collections are more widely spread and manufactured by the collaborating party. These works are available in one size only.   


Feel free to contact Monk if you have any questions about a piece, the collections, orders or shipping.